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Wholesale Clothing – The Dollars Are In The Details

March 10, 2013

Jobber1 New Banner 2013Jobber1 Wholesale Clothing – Trending Apparel Higher Profits

We hear so many wholesale clothing buyers tell us how they wish they found us sooner. Their stores being inundated with unsalable clothing & accessories. Why? Their primary concern¬† when purchasing wholesale clothing was “Price”. This is a huge mistake made by so many retailers. What good is a last summer shirt purchased for $2.50 if you cannot sell it for $3.00?… It’s great if you want to hang up the “Going Out Of Business Sale” sign.

Fashion trends are changing so rapidly that the days of waiting and then following a trend and reaping profits are over! Lest we forget that disposable income is down 30% in this economy. Junior’s and women are no longer buying to buy as the purse strings tighten. Ironically, they are spending more of their hard earned money on more expensive clothing items, as long as its a current trending style and of premium quality.¬† We have also found that clothing consumers are buying more items that can be dressed up to go out and dressed down for the work place.

At Jobber1 Wholesale Clothing we follow current clothing trends using Google Metrics, Yahoo & Bing’s webmaster analytic tools to discover what fashion trends are on the rise. We also follow the big designers like Miss Me Jeans, True Religion Jeans, Forever 21, Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch’s newest clothing lines. Let’s face it, they are setting a large amount of current fashion trends.

Jobber1 Wholesale is ranked #2 & #3 on Google organically for “Wholesale Bling Jeans” this didn’t happen by sheer luck…. 2 years ago “Bling Jeans” became a breakout searched term on all major search engines.. We added bling jeans to our wholesale clothing arsenal, developed web pages to market them via the internet and I am proud to say we offer the greatest variety in wholesale rhinestone trimmed jeans globally!

Price oriented retail consumers will find their way to the bigger department stores for basic clothing items at price point smaller retailers cannot match. The key to success in this economy.. Current Trending Fashions!

What’s trending currently? Floral Print Clothing! Whether it be floral print jeans , floral print shorts or floral print shirts

Floral print jeans, shorts and capri pants are all “Breakout” terms on Google search in the USA. Meaning the amount of people searching the term has risen over 1000% in the last 60 days.

So many wholesale clothing distributors only worry about their bottom line profits. At Jobber1 Wholesale our primary concern is will the wholesale clothing we offer sell for YOU at profitable margins!

Our successful 38 year buying strategy is as follows:

  • Trending or Trendy
  • Quality
  • Availability
  • Price – Meaning will YOU be able to sell it at a profitable margin

In short try to avoid out dated merchandise no matter what the price. Set the trend in you store and reap huge profits! We thank you for your continued patronage and look forward to serving your wholesale clothing needs this spring and summer fashion season.

Hope you have a wonderful week.


Bret Kelly

CEO Jobber1 Wholesale Clothing Inc.

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